Red Strawberry Popcorn

This is the best eating popcorn there is.
Pops white.  No hard hulls.
Has a good flavor of its own.  Does not need any flavoring added to it.
It is the smallest of all popcorns. You need to eat only half as much because it is not all air.

Popping instructions:
This corn needs a very hot fire. The old way works best on top of the stove, including crank type poppers.
Red Strawberry Popcorn will only pop good on top of the stove, others just do not get hot enough.

Ordering instructions:
Please contact us by email or phone for availability.

We have started processing the waiting list.

The cost is $ 5.39 per lb. VA state tax included

Box Lots includes shipping.

2 lbs. total cost Jan. 1, 2015 $10.78 + $5.95 =$16.73
12 lbs. total cost Jan. 1, 2015 $64.68 + $12.65 =$77.33
20 lbs. total cost Jan. 1, 2015 $107.80 + $17.90=$125.70

This page was last updated on: November 17, 2015

We have started contacting those on the waiting list. 

Those who were put on the waiting list May-July 2015, should have been contacted already.  If you were put on the list May-July 2015 but have not been contacted, please resend your email with the amount you'd like.  Then, send payment in cash, check or money order to the address listed to the right.

As soon as we receive your payment with address to ship to, we'll put your order in the mail.

Thank you for your continued patience while we work as fast as we can. 

                      Send to:

Jack's Popcorn, LLC.
12801 Old Richmond Rd.
Keeling , VA  24566

For additional info. call